Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services And What We Do

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Water Removal Flood Extraction

Serious water damage requires professional service right away, as the longer the moisture is   allowed to sit, the worse the problem will become. Excess moisture can quickly break materials down, especially if they are organic in nature. It can cause metals to rust and drywall to discolor. Excess moisture can attract pests, like insects and rodents, as well as bacteria, viruses, and molds. This is particularly true if the moisture is contaminated in some way, such as coming in through a sewage backflow or a flood. These constitute emergencies and should only be handled by certified technicians.

Drytech Restoration crew will have to work quickly as soon as they arrive. Within 24 hours, moisture will begin fouling organic materials, and anything soaked through may have to be discarded. Drytech  Restoration firm has the access to powerful pieces of equipment, like truck-mounted pumps, to remove large quantities of water in a hurry. If parts of the home are underwater, various pumps and vacuums will be needed to get rid of the moisture. This typically only takes a number of hours.

Once all standing water has been removed, Drytech  technicians can assess what materials can be saved and what will need to be discarded. In most cases, textiles will need to be disposed of, but if the Drytech Restoration responds quickly enough, they may be able to salvage them. The drying process is where technicians spend most of their effort, and the technique involves the use of commercial air movers, dehumidifiers, and situational equipment like hot air injectors. During the drying process, Drytech water damage restoration service will monitor the concentration of moisture in the home using special meters. Once the home has dried out , the technicians will disassemble the work area, clean up everything, and restore the space to its original state.

In some cases, mold and other microbes may be present, and these constitute a major threat to the family’s health. Our Certified technicians have access to fungicides and other agents that will effectively eliminate dangerous microbes, and our professional team will apply them in any area that has been compromised by the microbes. If mold colonies have spread extensively, the infested materials will be cut out and replaced.

Drytech Restoration Services Certified Water Damage Firm has A Huge Responsibility To Families – to safeguard their health and to make their home livable once again. Make sure that the job gets done correctly by only choosing a certified firm like  to handle the process.Header

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