Thermal Imaging

thermal-11Find hidden moisture before it becomes a problem!

At Dry-Tech Restoration Services, LLC, infrared thermal imaging is a noninvasive way to effectively inspect, detect, and evaluate moisture intrusion in all types of structures. Moisture intrusion in a building can cause undetected damage to the building structure. Thermal Imaging cameras use sensors to pick up infrared waves and formulate images based upon those waves. The resulting images, when properly read, can be used to assess areas of potential moisture by documenting differences in temperature. Temperature difference caused by evaporation, radiation, thermal bridging, infiltration/exfiltration and other sources must all be carefully evaluated. In doing so, our inspector can use the information to spot suspect areas that are not visible during a visual inspection. The findings are then verified using electronic, moisture detection equipment and, in some cases, core samples.

Water Damage Restoration

The use of thermal imagery during a moisture intrusion inspection is an essential tool that can provide immediate and meaningful documentation. Infrared thermal imaging can quickly identify what building materials are impacted by the water intrusion and visually document how far the water migrated. By being able to actually see and locate all problem areas within the building, intelligent decisions can be made for effective treatment. This typically reduces the number of days required to dry the building.